Step into a Tropical Paradise

Bringing nature's Joy into your home with every Art Print!

Immerse yourself in the lush beauty of tropical landscapes and diverse wildlife. My hand-drawn art prints infuse joy and a deep connection to nature into any space. Colorful yet relaxing, each creation captures the beauty and essence of these destinations, offering a transformative experience that enhances your home's beauty.

My Essence in the Tropics!

Hi, I'm Jazmín

I grew up in the tropical land of Costa Rica, surrounded by lush greenery. I spent my days climbing trees, playing outdoors, and listening to birds chirping. My mom had plants with colorful flowers everywhere. I was amazed at how vibrant they were with their perfect color combinations. Indoor plants made the house feel like a home, and outdoor plants and trees created a beautiful, cozy garden.

I've always had a creative spirit since childhood. As an adult, I pursued my creative passion by studying graphic design. But, life took an unexpected turn in 2012 when I moved from my tropical homeland to the US for love. While excited for this new chapter, I'll be honest; it hasn't always been easy. I often felt nostalgic and homesick; a part of my heart was left behind.

Seeing anything tropical stirs memories and reminds me of home. Deepening my connection to my roots and inspiring me to bring the beauty and vibrancy of the tropics into my work.

This emotional journey made me realize how deeply my homeland, its tropical culture, and its biodiversity have shaped my work. My illustrations became a bridge between my past and present. Allowing me to preserve and share the tropical world that will always be a part of me.

For me, it's not just about creating art. It's about inspiring joy in people's lives and evoking fond memories of vacations to exotic places. It's also about bringing the beauty and relaxation of the tropics to any space with a splash of color, all while being friendly to the planet.

So, let's celebrate the beauty of the tropics together and experience the joy it brings!

"It's about bringing the beauty and relaxation of the tropics to any space with a splash of color."

My products, my promise

Illustrating Colorful Art with a Green Heart

From brainstorming ideas to transforming sketches into detailed illustrations using Adobe Illustrator, I seamlessly harmonize vibrant colors and elements.

Blending creativity with sustainable materials ensures my work is beautiful and eco-friendly.


Ensuring delightful purchases and happy customers.


Materials chosen with the environment in mind.


Convenient shipping to anywhere in the world.

Customer Love
"Such nice artwork! Great Quality! It printed up easily and beautifully!"
— Terri Smith
"This print is beautiful. I am enjoying it very much! Definitely recommend this seller."
— Cheryl Mertz
"Just as pictured, great quality!"
— Ryan Boehm
"I ordered this as wall art for my kitchen, and it’s perfect! The quality was fantastic."
— Corissa