Digital Art Pints

Downloading and printing your digital art is a breeze!

What is a Digital Art Print?

A Digital Art Print, also known as Printable Art, is a form of artwork created using digital tools and designed for you, the customer, to download and print. This allows art and decor enthusiasts to enjoy high-quality art in a format that suits their preferences and space.

Digital Art Prints offer flexibility in terms of sizing and printing materials, allowing you to have much more control over the final product and making it a convenient and customizable way to adorn your surroundings with beautiful artwork.

How does it work?

1. Purchase:

Find a piece of art you love on Cute Muse, add it to your cart, and complete your purchase.

2. Download:

After you place your order, you'll see a bottom where you can click and download the files to your device.

Also, after you check out, you'll receive an order confirmation email with a download link. Please check your inbox for this email; it should arrive shortly. If you don't see that email, please check your spam/junk folder.

Click on the download link provided in your email. This will instantly download your chosen artwork's high-resolution Digital Art Files to your computer or device.

3. Save Your Artwork:

I recommend downloading the file(s) to a computer rather than a phone or tablet. If the files are in a zipped format, it includes more than one file. After clicking the download link, your browser will prompt you to choose where to save the file on your device.

4. Access Your Artwork:

Once the download is complete, navigate to the folder on your device where you saved the file. If you encounter any issues downloading or accessing your files, please don't hesitate to contact me at I'm here to help!

5. Printing Options:

With your digital art file, you can choose how and where to print it. You can use your color printer or visit a local print shop. Online printing services are also a great option.

6. Select Materials:

Customize your print by selecting the type of paper or canvas that best complements the artwork and your decor style. My designs work well on print surfaces like paper, card stock, wood, canvas, etc.!

7. Print and Enjoy:

Print the artwork at your chosen size. You can print locally or with an online printer company. Listo! You now have a beautiful piece of art that adds character and beauty to your surroundings. Frame it, hang it, and love it!

Opening your zip files

For Macs

Double-click the zipped file, and a new folder with all the files will automatically appear.

For PCs

Right-click to select "Extract all" and then follow the instructions. And that's it!